Married since 1994, David and I served as the “Married Life” ministry leaders at the largest church in the Pacific Northwest for seven years. We currently serve as the Operations Management Team for CEPHER Publishing Group – a company dedicated to restoring the scriptures. We love serving together, and I believe we make a great team. While David has often been a “silent partner” in the NotzrimWoman ministry, his unconditional support has been constant and unwavering – something that means more to me than words can express.

I first began receiving prophetic Dreams, Visions, and Words from YAHUAH in the Fall of 2011, but the “Joel 2:28” outpouring started in earnest the following January. Shortly thereafter, YAHUAH made it clear that I was to quit my job as the Vice President of Community Relations at a large prison ministry so that I could devote myself to the prophetic ministry He was now giving me. He moved us away from the Seattle area to a remote mountain location where I could more clearly hear His voice without the distractions of city life.

Since 2012, I have received over 1,000 dreams & visions that I believe to be prophetic in nature. In the Introduction of my E-Book, I explain the process of how it all began and how “I know that I know” they are a gift from YAHUAH. The scriptural confirmations have been truly unbelievable and miraculous; something that only a mighty and all-powerful Elohiym could orchestrate.

While the dreams & visions continue, the pace has decreased as my responsibilities with CEPHER Publishing Group have increased. Whereas I used to upload several videos a week, now I only upload them when I feel especially pressed upon by the Ruach HaQodesh/Holy Spirit to do so. In the early days, because the dreams & visions were so graphic, I assumed that meant their fulfillment was imminent. Now I understand that most of them have been given as warnings for a time that is yet future.  As events continue to unfold, I fully expect that everything I have been shown will eventually come to pass.

Amidst the many warnings of coming judgment, YAHUAH has been faithful to provide a significant number of dreams, visions, and prophetic words specifically meant to strengthen and encourage us while we watch and wait patiently for His return. I pray they will be a blessing to you.

In the service of King Yahusha HaMashiach,

Penny (& David)