Woe to You Oh House of Israel

Word from YAHUAH – Received July 23, 2013 by NotzrimWoman

My people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me because they despise My Torah.  They have replaced My commandments with man-made laws that sanction the killing of innocent life in the womb.  They have replaced My commandments with man-made laws that glorify sodomy – the unholy act of a man lying with a man and a woman lying with a woman – it is an abomination in My sight.  They have replaced My commandments with man-made laws that forbid My children to pray in public and proclaim My holy name as the one and only true Elohiym.  They replace My commandments with man-made laws that burden My people with statues and ordinances enough to fill and entire room with the volume of their writings, all the while forsaking May ways as though they are abolished.

Man-made laws are a heavy burden upon My people; they steal liberty rather than protect it.  Man-made laws rob My people of freedom in the very name of freedom!  They pledge allegiance to a man-made flag and sing praises to the land of the free.  But My people are slaves to an unholy government while rejecting My holy Torah of liberty.  My Son proclaimed freedom to the captives, but My people willingly submit themselves to slavery.  They claim they are no longer under My Law, but place themselves under the heavy yoke of man’s law and call it freedom.

My people call themselves by My name and claim My free gift of salvation through the shed blood of My Mashiach while denying that He is the Torah made flesh.  My Son perfected the covenant I made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but My people who call themselves by My name deny My covenant claiming it has been done away.  My Mashiach would never teach My people to deny My covenant.  My Mashiach was sinless and lived as an example before all men so they would walk in manner worthy of His ways – according to the Torah of righteousness.  Yahusha HaMashiach came that you might have life, but you choose death.  He came that you might have blessing, but you choose curses.  He came that you might live in the light of My Torah, but you walk in the darkness of your own hearts.

You have inherited lies from your fathers and walk in ignorance.  You claim to consider the whole counsel of Elohiym, yet do not heed to the words of My Torah claiming that it has been nailed to the cross.  But not one jot or one tittle of My holy Word has passed away.  You claim to understand that Mashiach is the way the truth and the life.  But what is the truth?  It is My Torah!  Yahusha HaMashiach is the living manifestation of My Torah.  He is the Word of Elohiym made flesh.

You claim to understand that you can only come to Me through the blood atonement of the perfect Passover Lamb of Elohiym.  Yet you do not understand that it was only through His obedience to My Torah that Mashiach was made perfect.  He died in obedience to My Torah, My holy Word, that My people now deny.  They exchange the truth of Elohiym for a lie.  They walk in disobedience.  They are hypocrites, pointing their self-righteous fingers at their brothers from the House of Judah for denying My Mashiach while they themselves deny My Torah!

Woe to you O House of Israel.  Woe to you Pharisees and workers of lawlessness, who twist the writings of Rabbi Sha’ul (Apostle Paul) to fit your man-made doctrines.  Woe to you O House of Israel who practice iniquity in the name of grace.  You make a mockery of Me by your profanity.  You profane My holy name.  You profane My holy feast days.  You profane My holy Torah and claim you are My chosen ones, My “church”!  You are sheep gone astray, being shepherded by those without eyes to see or ears to hear.  You are led like sheep to the slaughter following blind guides.

I will bring judgment upon you because of your iniquity for judgment begins with the house of Yahuah.  I will bring famine and pestilence and war and earthquakes and great floods upon your land because of your iniquity.  I will humble you until you recognize the error of your ways and turn back to Me in repentance.  I will not hear your prayers for mercy or your cries for deliverance until you acknowledge your offense.

Is it not written that My way is narrow and few will find it?  Is it not written that I will preserve a holy remnant for Myself?  If you are walking in the broad way of those who call themselves by My name, how is it that you can be counted among the few? You cannot. If you practice the ways of the pagans, how is it that you can be counted among My holy remnant?  You cannot declares Yahuah Tseva’ot.

Those within the church of Christianity set themselves above their brothers who seek to honor Me by practicing My Torah yet deny My Mashiach. All the while, they themselves claim My Mashiach while denying My Torah!  My Torah will never be abolished.  My holy covenants will never be overturned.  When I give My Word, it is eternal.  My Torah and My holy covenants are given to all generations forever.

My children have forgotten who they are.  My Mashiach came to save the lost sheep of the House of Israel, those who have forsaken My covenant.  If you do not practice the Torah, then you are practicing lawlessness, and you are lost.  Being wise in your own eyes, you have become fools.

O weep ye daughters of Tsiyon and wail ye sons of Israel for the Adonai of Justice will visit your land and repay iniquity.  I will make your houses a desolation and cleanse your land of uncleanness in the Day of My holy One.  Weep and wail ye sons Ephraim and daughters of Manasseh for My hand is outstretched against you.  Fall on your faces before Me all ye who practice lawlessness in the name of Christianity.  I will not be mocked among the nations.  I will not be profaned in the earth.  I will surely watch over My Word, My Torah, to perform it.  It will happen in your midst, before your very eyes.  You will behold My righteous indignation for I am a holy Elohiym and I will avenge My holy name.